Our Alpacas

We have selected our foundation herd with care, choosing alpacas for their excellent conformation, fine fiber and diverse bloodlines. Our alpacas have excelled in the showring, bringing home Championships and other top awards. Some pet quality animals are also available.

El Chono


Alpacas produce one of the worlds's finest and most luxurious fibers. It is as soft as cashmere and warmer and stronger than wool. Twenty-four natural colors have been identified by the Alpaca Association. Here at Quarry Ridge, we offer raw fleeces for hand-spinnners, alpaca and alpaca-blend yarns in natural colors and in an array of hand-dyed hues.

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3 fawns Ikon Captian Karma Afternoon Delight Fiber Faith Spinning Flapper Hat

Alpaca Facts

• Alpacas are native to the highlands of Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

• Alpacas are 1/2 the size of llamas with finer fiber.

• Alpacas were first introduced into the USA in 1984.

• Alpacas have padded feet and are kind to the land.

• An alpaca consumes less per year than a Labrador Retriever.

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Alapcas Starlight Mittens Gray Shawl
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